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I hope that at some point this blog becomes something that is read by a lot of people, both people I know and don't know, and becomes a melting pot for people's who want to share, ask, or just make a comment of their own. If not, that's fine, as I also hope this is a way for me to keep track of my own progress and to inspire me to continue on my quest to physical, emotional and financial health.

I've decided to write this blog as if I were already talking to an audience of 500 people, giving some (hopefully) good-tasting, healthy and cheap recipes, provide some easy money-saving tips, inspire some people out there who need the inspiration, and just give some information on things that have helped me along with way immensely. Have anything you want me to add/discuss? Throw me a comment, and I'll see what I can do. Since I live in Las Vegas, I'll be posting some pieces of local interest as well.

To give you my background, I am a 27 year old woman living in Las Vegas, although I grew up in Western NY. I have two siblings, a barely younger step-brother in NY and a sister who's my junior of six years in KY, both of whom I'm very proud of. I live with my best friend of eight years, and together we have a dog (Baxter, whom you'll hear a LOT about), a Beta fish named Toby, and two Dwarf Hamsters named Jasper and Julian. I work for a non-profit Vitamin/Research company called Life Extension, which I enjoy a lot, even though I'm still Low Girl on the Totem Pole. But my company has a LOT of great information about health and wellness in general, not to mention the best supplements you'd be able to get on the market. Not that I'm using my blog to promote the company, but I may mention our products from time to time. Hey, it's what I know! I also have a part time job as an assistant for an arbitrator/Realtor who also happens to be my cousin.

My dream would be to own my own pastry bakery or healthy eating restaurant, a place that people could confidentally get healthy, good-tasting food without worrying that they're eating stuff that is will taste like grass or dirt OR will be two days of their calorie allotment in one meal. I'm still sketching out my menu.

I will try to update this once a day, as long as time allows. With both of my jobs, and then Baxter and our constant stream of visitors, I may not hit it up. But I'll try, and if you subscribe, well, I can 99% guarantee that you'll be entertained and educated. Unless you have no personality or sense of humour, and in that case, well, hopefully you'll at least be educated. =)

So here goes...

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